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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the XLR Rail accelerate service?

The XLR Rail has been specifically designed to save you time when your kitchen is at its busiest. Inventor Scott Horton is a working Chef with 30 years hospitality industry experience and was frustrated with the current Order Rail options that only hang paper tickets and don’t help keep them organized. 
XLR Rail has Ticket Holders that move along the order rail so once the paper order docket has been hung, you don’t need to touch it again. Ticket Holders that can be moved around with the swipe on your hand. This means you can change the order of dockets more easily than any other system to keep you better organized. 

  • How is XLR Rail different to other service order rails/docket holders?

No ticket re-handling! Hang a new ticket once and you won't have to handle it again till its done! XLR Rail Ticket Systems is the first Order Rail with Tickets Holders that move with you. No longer waste time re-handling and re-shuffling paper dockets around when one order is finished. Now all dockets can move with a simple slide and also be easily moved around. It is also the first system to have colour coding to allow for better communication for individual order requests, priorities or flag any issue. Removable Ticket Holders that are dishwasher safe allow for better cleaning and a more hygienic kitchen for food preparation.

  • My current docket holder works fine. Why should I try the XLR Rail?

Simple answer to this is that you will never have to re-handle your tickets ever again. Once a new order is hung in line, you will not have to touch it again until it works its way to the front of the line for removal. No more paper shuffle during your busiest shifts. This means time savings over and over again. Not having to do this means you spend more time cooking and less time shuffling paper. Also, the use of our color dial to highlight specific order requirements, means less kitchen errors.

  • Is the XLR Rail easy to use?

Yes. Scott Horton, as a Chef for many years, knows staff working in a busy commercial kitchen (whether in a restaurant, bar or café) do not have time for a complicated new system. While it may take a little bit of time to get used to the change of a system that moves, feedback has been that before long your staff will be spending less time with service orders and have more time for food/drink preparation.

  • How do I move and slide the Ticket Holders?

To slide the Ticket Holders along the Rail, simply push the ticket holder near its top.
Tip: Do not slide Ticket Holders from the bottom area because they could come off the rail.

  • Do I have to replace my current paper docket system?

No. XLR Rail Ticket Systems is a ticket management system that has been designed to hang all paper dockets as per your current system, but allows you to move dockets around more easily in the moveable Ticket Holders. You can also still use the paper you currently use.

  • How do I hang dockets in the Ticket Holders?

Exactly the same way as you do now. Just centre the ticket on the moveable ticket holder and off you go.

  • How do I hang and remove the Ticket Holders on the Order Rail?


To remove the Ticket Holders from the Rail, hold a Ticket Holder at the colour dial, tilt Holder backwards and lift up and off. 
To hang a Ticket Holder onto the rail, hold the Ticket Holder with a slight tilt backwards, move it to the top of the rail, hook over the rail and release.

  • The paper sticks in the Ticket Holder sometimes. How can I fix this?


If paper starts to stick in the ticket holders, usually kitchen grease is building up in the holders. Run them through your dishwasher and hang up on the rail to dry thoroughly overnight. Due to airborne oil and grease within your kitchen, we would recommend washing your ticket holders once every two weeks or when you think they need it.

Alternatively, to remove any torn paper from the holders, put your fingers under the front enclosure and apply a little lifting pressure while tapping the bottom edge of the holder on a bench. This will usually let any paper release and fall from the holder.


  • How do I use the Colour Dial on the holders?

To select a colour on a Holder’s dial, use your thumb and forefinger to turn the colour dial to the desired colour by rotating at the back of the ticket holder.

  • How do I change the color dial?


The color dial should always be changed from the rear of the ticket holder. Either put your finger over the ticket holder while on the rail and firmly rotate either way OR remove, hold and spin the dial then replace on the rail. The front color window is purely for displaying your selected choice.

If the color dial is a bit hard to turn easily, loosen the screw on the top of the holder till the desired ease of turn is achieved!

  • What do the different colours mean?

That’s completely up to you. We have designed each holder to have five different colours for waiting and kitchen staff to decide on their own messaging system. 

As an example, Ticket Holders with blue may mean a Gluten Free order; Red may flag a customer with allergy; Green could mean VIP, Grey could be nothing needed to highlight. 

  • Can I buy the docket holders separate to the order rail? And can they be used on my current Order Rail?

The XLR Rail comes standard with both the rail, ticket holders and mounting brackets. If you ever require replacement parts these are available through our website or the distributor you purchased it through.

  • How do I clean the XLR Rail?


The Ticket Holders are made from a heat resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 85C. Commercial dish washing machines & detergents that wash below this temperature are suitable to clean the Ticket Holders when required. Ensure you allow the Ticket Holders to adequately dry before putting back on the Rail.
For the Rail itself, a damp cloth should be all that is required to clean.
Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive scourers, etc., on the Ticket Holders or Order Rail as it may damage the product. 


  • How do I lubricate the rail after cleaning?

To make the rail extra slippery, we recommend first wiping down the rail with a damp cloth then drying it. Then, use a Silicone Spray (such as WD40 Silicone or CRC Silicone spray) and spray onto the rail and then lightly wiped it into the rail. This will dramatically make the rail very slippery and perfect for easy sliding of the ticket holders.

  • What if I drop a Ticket Holder?


Our ticket Holders are designed to be kitchen tough.

If you throw it against a wall at full force, you'll probably break it. If you position it next to an open flame, put it directly under a heat lamp, over a steamer for long periods or drop it in a fryer, you will distort the high heat resistant plastic. No plastic can withstand heat over boiling for any amount of time.

Our Ticket Holders have been designed to withstand small drops that may occur within your kitchen. However, if a Ticket Holder is dropped, check for any damage or breakage. If you notice any damage, we cannot guarantee that the XLR Rail will work correctly and recommend you discard the damaged item to prevent accidental food contamination.

  • Where should I position my XLR Rail System?


XLR Rail works best on the main line where all tickets need to be visible. This is where it's busiest and XLR Rail excels!

You can position it over where your existing marble rail is situated. Just remove the old and replace with XLR Rail.

As XLR Rail is made from a high heat resistant ABS plastic, it can withstand heats up to 85c / 185F and is suitable to be washed in commercial dishwashers.

Position it on the outer edge of your pass.

Best not to position it either directly under a heat lamp, over a direct heat source like flame or steam or over fryers. No plastic can withstand such intense heats and the holders will distort and be rendered unusable. 

If you have any other questions not answered above, please Contact Us here

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