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About Us

XLR Rail Ticket Systems is the brainchild of Scott Horton. Scott is a working Chef, owner of two Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, Australia and a local legend (well, his business won the local legend category in Kochie’s Rescue My Website competition). And he can now add inventor of XLR Rail to this already impressive resume.

With over 30 years of hospitality industry experience, Scott has run and managed many busy kitchen service lines and was frustrated current docket holder products that were inflexible to the reality of what is needed in a commercial kitchen.

“My biggest problem with the current system (products) is when the first in line order is completed, you have to remove it and move all the paper dockets after it up the priority line to make way for new orders.” Scott says.

“Currently you need to re-handle every paper ticket each time you complete an order. It’s not only frustrating but the busier you are, the more time you waste shuffling paper tickets. And you should be cooking your customers’ meals!”

Scott decided there must be a better way, so started to design a ticket system that would help him in service, not get in the way. And the XLR Rail was born.

“I wanted to design a system that fixed the problem so designed one that moves with you.”

“XLR Rail works best when you’re at your busiest because after you initially hang the paper docket order in-line, you won’t have to touch (the paper) again until you complete the order.”

Inventing the XLR Rail has been a 3 year project for Scott, with continual improvements and testing in his two restaurants. This is a project of passion knowing the product is innovative and will help save time for those who work in service, whether a restaurant, bar or café.

Scott has considered every aspect of what kitchen staff would want from a new ticket system. He’s included colour dial on each ticket holder to allow for better communication to flag and prioritise orders, removable holders that are dishwasher safe allow for better hygiene, the product is food grade and kitchen tough and easily installs to replace your current system in minutes.

Scott believes XLR Rail is a game-changer for the hospitality industry. It is one of those simple products you wonder why no one ever thought of it before and will become a must have for every busy, commercial kitchen in restaurants, bars and cafes.

“I truly believe in the product and want people to experience the difference. I know it will save people time and reduce frustrations – it will give you more time to cook rather than organising the orders.” says Scott. “I have used the XLR Rail myself and know it saves you time when you’re at your busiest. I believe others will also feel this even after their initial use!”


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