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“Thanks for trusting me with your purchase of the XLR Rail.
Follow the instructions below and you’ll be accelerating your service in no time!”

~ Scott Horton, Chef & Inventor of XLR Rail


16 Holder XLR RAIL - 1250mm (49.2”) Model
(These parts will allow either Option A or B – see Product Box Diagram)

4 x Hole Cover – fitted on END pieces below*
2 x Left Hand End*
16 x Ticket Holders
2 x Rail
2 x Right Hand End*
2 x Rail Joiners
12 x Screws
12 x Wall Plugs
12 x Pop Rivets


This will vary depending on type of surface mounting on. Decide this first. See below
1. Drill
2. For Metal / Stainless Steel fixing using Pop Rivets supplied - 3mm (1/8”) Drill Bit
3. Pop Rivet Gun
4. For Tile fixing using the screws & wall plugs supplied - 6mm (1/4”) Masonry Drill Bit
5. Hammer - for tapping in wall plugs
6. Phillips Head or Cross Point Screwdriver or drill bit equivalent.
7. Spirit Level.
8. Fine Marker Pen.
9. Safety glasses / Eye protection

Safety tip: For best results, ensure your installation is on a solid level surface such as stainless steel, wood, brick or cement / masonry.


- Remove current order rail ticket system (if applicable).
- Review the assembly diagram on the rear of product box or at
and refer to Option A or B as appropriate.
- Lay out all parts for assembly.
- Put all Ticket Holders and Hole Covers aside until required.
- Identify all parts as shown in the Assembly Diagram. Lay out to match the diagram and push the Ends / Joiner into the rail.
Tip: The rubber seal in the back of the rail is designed to stop grime build up. Leave the seal in place between the mounting parts.
- Use your now assembled XLR Rail as a template to determine accurate drill holes for attachment and mark shelf through the holes provided.
- Use a spirit level to check you have the XLR Rail perfectly horizontal (for best operation). Place the assembled XLR Rail to the side.
Tip: Have someone help you here so the XLR Rail can be held level while you mark the drill holes.
- When confirmed level and marked, set the XLR rail aside & pre-drill the marked holes.
- Place the XLR Rail over the drilled holes.
- We suggest to first only partially fix the two furthest most drill points and then the Rail Joiner (if installing the 16 Ticket Holders) with your chosen fixing method, and then confirm the holes are still level.
- When confirmed, fully fix all other fixing points or as many as necessary to secure solidly
- Now hang all required Ticket Holders onto the Rail and click the Hole Covers over the fixing points
- You’re now ready to “Accelerate your Service” with XLR Rail!


Your XLR RAIL Ticket System should provide your hospitality operation with many years of service if treated correctly. We recommend the following tips to help protect your product:

1. To REMOVE / REPLACE the Ticket Holders from the Rail:
To lift off the rail, always hold the Colour Dial enclosure of the Ticket Holder, then tilt backwards and lift up and off.

To replace on the rail, tilt Ticket Holder backwards, aim at the top of the rail and hook over the rail and release.

2. To SLIDE the Ticket Holders along the Rail: Push ticket holder NEAR THE TOP.

Tip: Do not slide Ticket Holders from the bottom area because they could come off the rail.

3. To SELECT the Colour Dial: Use your thumb and forefinger to turn the colour dial to the desired colour. It’s up to you to decide what each colour means in your kitchen.
For example, RED = Allergy, YELLOW = VIP, etc.

4. To CLEAN the Ticket Holders: Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive scourers, etc., on the Ticket Holders. If the ticket holders start to stick when removing the paper, usually kitchen grease or torn paper has built up inside the holder.
The Ticket Holders are made from a heat resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 90C. Commercial dish washing machines & detergents that wash below this temperature are suitable to clean the Ticket Holders when required. Alternatively, hot water and a clean cloth can be used. Ensure you allow the Ticket Holders to adequately dry before putting back into use
(i.e. Wash at the end of service and let dry overnight.)

5. To CLEAN the RAIL: Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive scourers, etc., on the Rail. A damp cloth should be all that is required to clean. A silicone spray can also be used occasionally to lubricate the rails for easier sliding.

6. Do not drop the Ticket Holders.
If a Ticket Holder is dropped, check for any damage / breakage that may have occurred. If any damage is observed, we cannot guarantee that the XLR Rail will work correctly and recommend you discard the damaged item to prevent accidental food contamination.

Installation videos are also available on our YouTube channel.
All Spare part sales - please email:
© XLR Rail Ticket Systems Pty. Ltd. – 2021 ABN: 58 165 354 236

Download Installation PDF here

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