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Unique Opportunity to own the

XLR Rail Ticket System Brand

The problem of rehandling paper tickets has frustrated Chefs worldwide since paper tickets were introduced. Due to the inability of the frequently used marble ticket rail to allow sliding of multiple tickets in one action, the XLR Rail Ticket System has created a simple solution to this problem that frees the chef time to focus on food production by simple organisation their ticket rail, thus saving valuable time when busiest.

Currently sold both online and through Amazon USA, our systems have been displayed in trade shows both in the USA and Australia. The initial reaction from chefs upon discovering our system is “This is so simple. Where has this product been!”

Since release in 2015, with thousands of systems already in use globally, the XLR Rail Ticket System provides a unique opportunity for an established supplier to maximise sales potential, as an extension to their existing product range.

This sale would include:

  • Assignment of IP rights for granted Patents in USA, Australia, New Zealand and pending Canadian Patent

  • Assignment of granted Trademarks in USA, Australia and New Zealand

  • Assignment of domain name

  • Introduction to our manufacturer with complete tooling

  • Stock at Value – to be calculated on sale – SAV & shipping additional cost


This sale will entitle the purchaser to the rights to own and market the XLR Rail Ticket System brand exclusively and with protection in the patented markets as well as grow the brand exponentially.


Sale will be by Tender only. Interested parties should register their Expression of Interest via email to by 30th April 2022.

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