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16 Holder XLR Rail Complete System

This model can be used as

- 1 x 1250mm (49") -  (16 Ticket Holder) System


- 2 x 625mm (24.5") - individual (8 Ticket Holders) Systems


This system comes complete with all parts required to build either of the above options.


It is also fully customizable to suit any kitchen length required.

For example:

* Two systems can be joined to make a single rail 2.5 meters (98") long

* Three systems can make 3.75 meters (147") long etc.

(* Extra system/s purchase required)

Our systems include joiner parts to allow any rail length to be achieved. 

Alternatively, if you need to fit to  custom length, the aluminum rail can be cut with a basic hacksaw to achieve any length!


Extra Ticket Holders can be purchased separately, if required later (Pack of 8)



16 Holder XLR Rail Complete System

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